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Skryptcha - LEFT TO WRITE EP (Personally Signed)

Image of Skryptcha - LEFT TO WRITE EP (Personally Signed)


Bred from the city lights of Sydney, 22-year-old MC Skryptcha took the lessons of global travel as the spark that ignited his passion for writing. The result, culled from the soul-lifting nature of crossing borders, is the versatile Chasm produced debut EP - Left to Write. Open-eyed to the tribulations of breaking from youth, Skryptcha's soulful outlook on growing up is thethematic bond behind Left to Write, an attitude released through the flair of vibrant single "Food For Thought" (featuring Lotek) and continued on in the likes of "Runnin Away" and "Ask Yourself". In unison with Chasm's incredible musical knowledge and understanding, this introductionis about discovery. It is the heart at peace best exemplified by the closing number, "State of Mind," introspective ruminations buoyed by the beautiful voice of Juanita Tippins. Left to Write is proof that losing one's self can sometimes be the best paved road to future's gold. Produced by Chasm with cuts DJ 2buck. Recorded & Mixed by Mike Burnham at Tardis Studios.

Track Listing

1. Running Away
2. Turtles
3. Food For Thought - feat. Lotek
4. Ask Yourself
5. State Of Mind - feat. Juanita Tippins